Chubb and App in the Air Launch Fully-Automated Flight Delay Insurance

Chubb and App in the Air announced the launch of Flight Delay Insurance, underwritten by Chubb European Group in partnership with Swiss Re and FlightStats . Recall: App in the Air, founded in 2011, is a flying assistant app that keeps users up-to-date on their flights by providing real time status updated, airport tips and in-airport navigation maps; to name a few features. This is App in the Air:


With the new coverage, UK travelers will receive £100 compensation if they are delayed by more than an hour and in some instances as little as 30 or 45 minutes. This is noteworthy since under current EU legislation, passengers traveling from within the EU must be delayed by at least three hours before they are eligible for any compensation and this only applies if you are traveling with an EU-based carrier. Also, the coverage comes with a parametric element as flight cancellations and diversions will automatically trigger the payment; typically within an hour. Keyword: typically.

“This exciting new proposition, launched in partnership with Swiss Re, FlightStats and App in the Air, marks an important step in our strategy to develop new and innovative ways to reach more customers with very tailored and relevant insurance offers. It also addresses a previously unmet customer need, having been designed specifically to pay out when they may not otherwise be eligible for compensation from their airline carrier. Being able to assess claims automatically in real time, without any action on the side of the customer – such as obtaining proof of the incident – and then pay the claim directly to their PayPal or nominated bank account, debit or credit card, we think will be an appealing feature and provide the level of service we all now expect in our ever-increasing online, digital lives” – Alex Blake, Senior Vice-President and Global Head of Travel Insurance at Chubb.

“Working in conjunction with Chubb and Swiss Re has enabled us to develop a proposition that addresses a real and increasing customer need. This is exactly the kind of positive experience we want to provide to App in the Air users” – Bayram Annakov, CEO of App in the Air.