Cleo Can Support Your Workforce Beyond Insurance

San Francisco-based Cleo Labs , a family support system that employers offer to working parents, has announced it has raised $27.5m in a Series B round led by New Enterprise Associates; bringing the company’s total funding to date to $40.9m.

Established in 2016 by Chitra Akileswaran and Shannon Spanhake and formerly known as Lucy, Cleo offers supplemental benefits to working parents with kids up to age five. “While healthcare plays an important role in addressing medical issues during a pregnancy and birth, an OBGYN doesn’t help with lactation or sleep training, a pediatrician doesn’t help with finding the right preschool, and a general practitioner doesn’t give you advice on balancing a job and a baby.” And this is where Cleo comes in.

Cleo’s app offers step-by-step roadmaps and a dedicated Cleo Guide, a certified practitioner available to answer questions and talk through issues . In addition, Cleo partners with a curated, global network of experts who are certified in topics like lactation, sleep training, prenatal nutrition, and career coaching. This means Cleo is able to connect parents with the help they need, often times at a moments notice.

Bottom Line: 475,000 families across more than 50 countries now work at companies (think: eBay, Straus Family Creamery, Uber) where Cleo is offered.