Co-operators partners with PrevTech Innovations to offer new farm fire prevention program

Canadian farmers can now access a new on-farm fire risk reduction program when they insure their farm businesses with Co-operators. The program will provide farm insurance customers with incentives to promote farm fire prevention using the latest innovation in detection solutions provided by PrevTech Innovations Inc. The PrevTech Solution provides electrical monitoring, fault detection and diagnostic services to reduce the risk of fire and operational interruptions on farms caused by electrical faults.

The program offers Co-operators farm insurance customers a new cost-sharing incentive to install a PrevTech Solution in their barns. PrevTech’s solution provides continuous monitoring of a farm’s electrical network for electrical and thermal anomalies and faults on a farm’s network. A complete dashboard of a farm’s electrical network is available through any mobile device, and when necessary, alerts are sent directly to customers so a detected problem can be addressed. PrevTech will reach out to customers to provide guidance, diagnostic services and unique expertise to take action and the right corrective measures. The PrevTech Solution has also proven to prevent inconvenient and costly equipment downtime by detecting early signs of equipment malfunction, like motors, fans and augers.

“Roughly 50 per cent of all barn fires are caused by faulty electrical systems. So, it makes sense to closely monitor the health of a farm’s entire electrical network to detect electrical anomalies and faults that may cause costly equipment downtime and potentially escalate to serious problems and farm fires. We’re proud to partner with the Co-operators to prioritize the safety and protection of farms and farm families across Canada.” – Pierre-André Meunier, PrevTech’s founder and president.

“Our partnership with PrevTech solidifies our commitment to proactively identify unique needs for farms and provide innovative solutions for our clients. When working with our farm clients, we are committed to design a policy tailored to their needs, and strive to provide solutions and advice to protect the things that matter most.” – Steve Johnston, AVP Farm Portfolio at Co-operators.