Coalition available to large enterprise businesses

Coalition announced the expansion of its cyber insurance offering to enterprise businesses with revenues up to $5 billion.

The company’s increased capacity above its existing limit of $1 billion comes from a syndicated placement across many of its existing partners .

“By opening up our capacity to enterprise businesses with $5 billion in revenue, we are widening the field of companies we can protect. For the first time, enterprises can benefit from Coalition’s Active Insurance, a dynamic cyber protection system that resolves complex claims should they arise, but also works around the clock to help prevent them in the first place.” – Shawn Ram, head of insurance at Coalition.

“The truth is that no business or organization – regardless of size, resources or revenue – is immune to cyber attacks. Most large enterprises have the means to establish strong cybersecurity postures, but that should not preclude them from the benefits of adding cyber insurance to the mix. Cyber insurance should be a critical component of any company’s defense-in-depth strategy.” – Tiago Henriques, Coalition’s VP of security research.