CodeBlue partners with Livegenic on virtual claims

CodeBlue and Livegenic announced they have entered into a strategic partnership in a way that provides insurance carriers and their policyholders with a virtual claims experience that occurs immediately during the first notice of loss.

Livegenic’s remote video capture will be embedded in CodeBlue’s 24x7x365 contact center operations to offer the policyholder a more active engagement with the claim during the first notice process. By providing this unparalleled loss documentation, including close-up videos of the cause of loss, still photos, and measurements, insurance carriers will be able to verify coverage remotely – thereby eliminating the latency that is typically associated with conventional claims management by removing the need to physically visit the loss site.

“In this ‘Amazon Now’ world, the days of simply being a note-taker during the FNOL process have long since expired; today customers are seeking immediate solutions to their problems, which why we refer to the process as FNAR, First Notice And Response, not FNOL. This partnership really allows us to focus on the ‘Response.'” – CodeBlue founder, Paul Gross.