Connecting the Dots, and People Too.

We've been covering insurance innovation, meeting startups, insurers, and investors, which helped us understand the challenges of doing business in a slow-moving industry. As someone that tells you to go beyond, we've decided to build an insurance community in NYC and we invite you to take part. As a member, you'll get access to meetups around the city - part educational, part social - to help you uncover trends and build useful connections - whether you're looking for a partner, investor, or someone that can offer good ol' business advice. Join us offline because no one can do you better than you.



All meetups take place from 5:30-8:00PM unless noted otherwise.
Please Note: This is a tentative schedule provided for your convenience. Times are subject to change. All session times will be confirmed closer to the event.

December 19, 2019 @NYC, place: KiwiTech
January 23, 2020 @NYC, place: KiwiTech
February 20, 2020 @NYC, place: KiwiTech
March 19, 2020 @NYC, place: KiwiTech
May 21, 2020 @NYC, place: KiwiTech
June 18, 2020 @NYC, place: KiwiTech
July 23, 2020 @NYC, place: KiwiTech
August 20, 2020 @NYC, place: KiwiTech
October 22, 2020 @NYC, place: KiwiTech

Community Benefits

Brand Membership

Access to at least 8 meetups in NYC for 5 named members
Option to present in one of the meetups
Option to host one of the meetups
Sponsored messages on the Coverager newsletter
Access to Coverager Post
Access to Coverager Connect
Access to Coverager Jobs
Logo placement on the Coverager Community page

Individual Membership

$249 Yearly
Access to at least 8 meetups in NYC
Access to Coverager Connect
Opportunity to introduce your company to the Coverager Community
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