Mike Wise
Founder & CEO at Huecore
Angie Vega
Business Development at CANARY Consulting
Christopher Frankland
Head of Strategic Partnerships at ReSource Pro
Neil Weiss
Head of Carrier Sales at Bold Penguin
Daniel Newman
Charles I Todd
Adam Erlebacher
Anton Wesener
Associate at IA Capital Group
Ravi Shah
Analyst at IA Capital Group
John Holloway
Co-Founder at
Paul Doran
VP Marketing at INSHUR
Jennifer St. James
Director of Events at Carpe Data
Jim Andrews
SVP, Sales at Carpe Data
Blake Fuchtman
Actuary / Product Manager at biBERK
Ben Offringa
Director, Digital Marketing at Carpe Data
Marius Blaesing
Cofounder, CTO at Getsafe
Clu Connors
Founder at radiusbob
Henry Croydon
Marc Weill
Advisor at Two Sigma Ventures
Steve Schiller
Principal at Severn Advisors LLC
Isaac Ben-Hutta
Web Developer at Coverager
Avi Ben-Hutta
Editor at Coverager
Shefi Ben-Hutta
Editor, Coverager at Coverager