Consumer Priority Service launches Connected Home Coverage

Consumer Priority Service (CPS) recently launched connected home warranty coverage for consumers. This program enables customers to purchase coverage for all of their connected home devices under a single warranty plan for a fraction of the typical cost. Devices such as tablets, laptops, televisions, Wi-Fi lights, Thermostats, Smart Plugs & Switches, Robotic Vacuum’s, smart speakers, video doorbells are just a few of the eligible products available for coverage under the connected home protection plan. Customers can choose to connect 10, 20 or 30 devices from the standard menu or receive custom quotes to cover anywhere from 1-100 devices all under a single plan.

“As consumers continue to purchase smart products for their homes, the demand for connected coverage is skyrocketing. We’re on the forefront of creating programs that meet customers’ needs in real-time. It’s very convenient for customers to have all of their devices covered under a single plan, one-click or call and the coverage is in place on demand.” – Mark Faour, CPS’s Sales and Operations Manager.

CPS will also be offering onsite options and removal/reinstall as part of the program benefits.