Cover Genius partners with Ryanair

Cover Genius announced a partnership with low-cost airline company Ryanair to offer its customers comprehensive travel protection, integrated directly into the booking flow.

“We are delighted to partner with Cover Genius to offer our growing network of customers an even more convenient and comprehensive suite of travel insurance options. Customers can now avail of tailored protection packages that are specially curated for each itinerary, regardless of their location or language, to give them peace of mind as they travel with Ryanair, Europe’s no.1 airline.” – Ryanair’s director of ancillary revenue, Greg O’Gorman.

“With data revealing that travelers are dissatisfied with current pandemic-related coverages and claims, we are excited to help Ryanair address the current gaps that exist with travel protection. Our unmatched post-claims NPS of +65 will enable Ryanair to offer its customers a best-in-class, customer-centric claims experience.” – Peter Smith, VP of strategic partnerships, Travel at Cover Genius.