Cowbell Cyber partners with Skyward Specialty

Cowbell and Skyward Specialty announced a partnership agreement that expands Cowbell’s coverage and capacity of its Prime 250 Cyber Liability and Prime Tech, a recently introduced insurance program for businesses generating revenue of up to $500 million against cyber and technology E&O risks.

Additionally, the partnership provides Cowbell access to Skyward Specialty’s key industry partners to strengthen its capacity.

“Partnering with Cowbell is another bold step in our strategy to lead in our chosen markets. We have spent over a year getting to know Cowbell, their leadership and team, and have been impressed by the underwriting precision they achieve, and their unique approach to continuous cyber risk assessment. This partnership is a powerful combination of two great companies.” – Andrew Robinson, Skyward Specialty CEO.

“We continuously monitored 95% of U.S. SMEs’ cyber risks for the last four years and have found that there’s a massive gap in cyber protection that is overlooked for this vastly underserved market. The insurability gap for these businesses is championed through this exciting new partnership with Skyward Specialty. This partnership leverages the expertise of the deeply experienced leaders and team members at Skyward Specialty, some of whom were part of helping to create the cyber insurance marketplace over 20 years ago.” – Jack Kudale, founder and CEO of Cowbell.