Crash data company QuantivRisk raises $925k

New York-based QuantivRisk has raised close to a million dollars, according to Crunchbase. Founded in 2020 and led by ex-Sapiens Chief of P&C Product and Business Strategy, John Pettit, the startup operates in the auto insurance space.

“Vehicles today collect enormous amounts of data. That data needs to be used to evaluate accidents. That’s what QuantivRisk does.”

QuantivRisk uses Vehicle Performance Data (VPD) generated by cars to establish undeniable facts and resolve accident claims. It claims to be the first company to evaluate accidents using next-gen technology and data science, providing the insurance industry, automakers, and other interested parties with a data-backed view of accident circumstances, eliminating subjectivity in claims resolution and liability determination.

Also, its CRASHVIEW™ tool is designed to provide an “instant replay” of a vehicle collision using VPD.