Cyber monitoring services now available to Travelers cyber policyholders

Travelers announced it is making cyber monitoring services from SentinelOne available to its CyberRisk and CyberFirst customers. SentinelOne is a cyber defense tool that AI to identify, immediately respond to and help prevent possible cyber threats such as ransomware.

Travelers cyber customers who sign up between June 15 and September 15 will receive the service at no additional cost for a 60-day trial period. Those interested in continuing the service will receive a 25% discount.

“If a cyber criminal gains access to an employee’s computer when an employee is working remotely, the company’s cyber risk is elevated once that worker returns to the office because the criminal now has an entry point into the corporate network. We’re working with SentinelOne so our customers can address that exposure and hopefully prevent becoming a cyber victim.” – Tim Francis, Enterprise Cyber Lead, Travelers.

“When cyber thieves attack intellectual property and infrastructure, they take more than just data – they are violating our privacy and collaborative mode of working. That’s why we’ve built an AI platform to autonomously defend businesses, keeping them ahead of threats. Together with Travelers, we’re helping their customers strengthen their cybersecurity measures as employees return to an office environment.” – Daniel Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer, SentinelOne.