Cyber Security: A Leadership Issue with Kevin Soohoo of Egnyte

On the latest episode of Risk Management: Brick by Brick, Jason Reichl heads to Procore Groundbreak 2023 in Chicago once again to chat to Kevin Soohoo, an expert of innovation, data governance, and security in the construction industry. As the Senior Director of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) function of Egnyte, Kevin is clued-up on all things cyber insurance, so you’re going to want to listen up.

In this episode, Jason and Kevin get right to the heart of whether or not cyber security is a technical or leadership issue; why it often goes overlooked; and how AI will play a massive role in the evolution of cyber security.

This is the third in a series of episodes that were recorded at Procore Groundbreak 2023 in Chicago, Illinois – it’s been a blast!

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Cyber Security: A Leadership Issue?

What’s the number one concern for risk managers today?

How do we integrate risk assessments with cyber security?

In the modern day, everything is digital, which means digital security is one of the biggest risks facing businesses today.

Egnyte have recently seen a huge uptick in breaches for a lot of people, in both large and small organizations. To Kevin, this is not a technical issue, but a leadership problem.

He says, “We’re working with organizations, large, small, and medium as well, but there’s a common theme of, ‘we’ve got data all over the place, but we don’t know what’s in our data’. So a common example could be, maybe you’re doing work at a school and now your crew needs to do background checks, and now you’re holding that. Or you’re doing work for a customer under NDA, you’re doing critical facilities. So we’re able to identify critical files, tag them, and once we’ve done that automatically through algorithms, then you can apply a whole host of governance policies.”

Gone are the days when acquiring data was super important, now it’s about trying to organize it. To do that without breaches, you need quality leadership.

AI in Cyber Security

According to Kevin, embracing AI in cybersecurity is a necessity.

After all, AI is everywhere today, so it’s almost silly not to at least dip your toes in.

However, for the cybersecurity world, it is too valuable to pass by. It enables professionals to uncover insights from data that were impossible before, allowing for a newfound focus on user behavior and data hygiene.

Now you can do things with your data in ways that you couldn’t do before and look at them again. Can you compare documents? Can you say what’s changed? […] So we’re looking at AI and activating what already is in our platform.

To Kevin and Egnyte, AI is the key to unlocking the full potential of our data.

To find out more about cyber security for risk managers, tune in to this episode of Risk Management: Brick by Brick.


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