CyberPolicy™ Expands Cybersecurity Offerings for Small Businesses

San Francisco, March 28, 2018 – CyberPolicyTM, the leading comprehensive cyber insurance and security solution for small businesses, today unveiled a new set of complimentary offerings to help small businesses protect against cyber threats. Furthering CyberPolicy’s mission to help small businesses “Plan. Prevent. Insure.,” the new offerings provide guided solutions from trusted advisors, educational security resources, and a CyberCheckupTM to assess a company’s cyber risk level.


As most of today’s security solutions are tailored for large enterprises, CyberPolicy is looking out for the 28 million small businesses in the US and empowering them with knowledge and tools to better secure their most valuable assets – data, operations, and reputation.


“According to the Ponemon Institute, in just the past 12 months, more than 55 percent of companies experienced a data breach involving customer and employee information,” said Keith Moore, CEO of CyberPolicy. “Many small business owners assume that cyber threats won’t happen to them, but in reality, they’re the most vulnerable because their security solutions aren’t as comprehensive as they need to be.”


CyberPolicy’s free expanded offerings for small businesses include:

  • A CyberCheckupTM, which assesses cybersecurity needs
  • Expert guidance on best practices, including a personalized Cyber Plan
  • External web scans from leading cyber risk monitoring partners
  • Small business-centric educational resources
  • Tools that manage and provide guidance on how to bridge security gaps
  • Exclusive deals and promotions on cybersecurity products
  • Access to cyber insurance experts who are skilled at minimizing business exposure
  • Online insurance quotes and easy online insurance purchasing that can be done within minutes

CyberPolicy is available now to all small businesses. Learn more at


About CyberPolicy
In 2016 CyberPolicy became the world’s first comparative site for cyber insurance, allowing small businesses to quote, compare and buy cyber insurance online in minutes. Since then, CyberPolicy has expanded its cyber insurance offerings to cover 98% of small businesses types with up to $250 million revenue and developed extensive complimentary cybersecurity offerings to help small businesses “Plan. Prevent. Insure.” against cyberattacks.  CyberPolicy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CoverHound Inc.

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