Darwin grows to serve 250,000 customers

Darwin , a subsidiary of Direct Line Group , has acquired its 250,000th customer.

Since its inception in 2019, the direct-to-consumer car insurer has successfully captured approximately 2% of the market share.

At the core of Darwin’s business approach is the utilization of advanced technology, data analytics, and machine learning models. This strategy is aimed at providing competitively priced car insurance specifically for customers using Price Comparison Websites (PCWs).

Earlier this year, Darwin introduced two new products: Darwin Gold and Darwin Platinum. These offerings maintain the standard coverage benefits while incorporating additional options for enhanced protection.

Darwin is run by a small end-to-end team of 50 people.

“I’m extremely proud of everyone who’s made this happen. The secret to Darwin’s success is our relentless focus on customers and how we constantly review customer feedback to understand how we can do things better. We are continually making improvements to processes which enhance the customer journey to make things easier for customers and provide an even more positive experience.” – Co-founder Chris Ray.