DealerPolicy teams with J.D. Power

Polly, the auto insurance marketplace for automotive retailers, announced a collaboration with data analytics and consumer intelligence company J.D. Power.

DealerPolicy, which allows car buyers to instantly compare auto insurance quotes from insurers as part of the car-buying process, will integrate with J.D. Power’s new insurance data and analytics platform to create personalized insurance quotes tailored to a customer’s specific preferences. Customers using the new quote experience will be asked to rank the factors that are most important to them from a list that includes cost, customer service, stability of premiums over time, and ease of filing and settling claims. DealerPolicy will then recommend a carrier based on the ranking to help customers find a “good fit.”

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be teaming with J.D. Power to bring an industry-first, next generation experience to our customers. We continue to provide tangible savings to hundreds of thousands of car-buyers and along the way we’ve learned that price isn’t the only factor in a customer’s decision-making process – service matters a lot. Now we can not only provide competitive pricing, but also truly personalized insurance. Understanding that insurance is not one-size-fits-all, we’ve worked tirelessly to deliver a solution that matches a consumers preferred insurance experience to carriers that are most likely to meet those preferences, such as: technology, long term price stability, claims handling or customer service; all backed by the high quality, independent data of J.D. Power.” – Travis Fitzgerald, CEO of DealerPolicy.

“We have spent more than two decades developing a unique, independent data asset that measures how well individual carriers meet their customers’ expectations. Until now, consumers were largely taking a chance that their carrier choice would meet those expectations. By teaming with DealerPolicy, we are empowering consumers to pick the experience they want by matching their preferences to carriers with a proven track record across multiple service dimensions. This will provide a better experience for the consumer and better retention for the carrier. The powerful combination of choice and personalization is the future of personal lines insurance and we’re excited to bring this offering to market with DealerPolicy, a recognized leader in the space.” – Kyle Schmitt, Vice President and Managing Director of Global Insurance at J.D. Power.