Dear Alexa, How Much Money Do I Have?

USAA joins the list of insurers that allow members to access information via Amazon Alexa . For now, the service is only available for USAA bank members to allow them to obtain information on their account balance, transactions, and spending patterns.


“Our members deserve great experiences each and every time they interact with us, regardless of how they choose to do so. Technology is what enables us to provide those experiences. This pilot is designed to better replicate the interaction members would have with a USAA service representative on the phone, open new avenues to better serve our members and create more opportunities for our member service representatives to handle more complex member needs. What we learn from this pilot will help shape how we view member service in years to come” – Darrius Jones, assistant vice president, USAA Labs.


And what it all boils down to: after asking Alexa to open their USAA account, members can ask questions like:

“Alexa, how much money do I have?”

“You have a total of $2,618.51 in your two bank accounts.”

“Alexa, how much do I have in my checking account?”

“You have $1,809.97 in your classic checking account.”

“Alexa, can I spend $100 on a new phone?”

“You typically spend an average of $200 on electronics in a month.  So far this month you’ve spent $50. This will leave you with a balance of $2,518.51.”


Note. For security purposes, members must enable the USAA skill in the Alexa app, and link their USAA account. In addition, members will have the option to add a voice PIN for additional security if they worry others may have access to their Alexa device.


Bottom Line: a pilot program – running from July 25 to October 23 – brought to you by USAA Labs. Play.