Digit is Totally Different

“Digit is totally different. Kamesh is starting a company that is totally focused on insurance in the digital world. It is going to be effective for all types of people in India who are going mobile or digital. And Kamesh has a terrific track record” – Canadian businessman-slash-billionaire Prem Watsa on Digit Insurance.



Refresher: Digit is an Indian digital insurer launched last year and led by Kamesh Goyal. It is backed by Prem Watsa of Fairfax Financial. And, in this case ‘digital’ doesn’t mean ‘D2C only’. The insurer is partnering with distribution companies and brokers to reach customers. One such partner is PolicyBazaar.



Another new partner is Cleartrip – an online booking platform that now allows travelers to check the ‘Buy Digit Insurance’ box. “Did you know that most travel insurance companies cover flight delays only from 6 hours onward? Realistically, how many flights you’ve been on have been delayed by more than 6 hours? Digit travel insurance bites off a big chunk of this draconian policy, and covers flight delays starting from 75 minutes and up.” Good to know.


Wait, there’s more. Digit can auto-detect delayed flights, and send policyholders a text message to initiate their claim process. All policyholders need to do is submit a picture of their boarding pass to Digit.


BTW, Cleartrip also works with ICICI Lombard to offer its travel insurance. Look:




One last thing, Digit loves claims