Dinghy Delivers

“Since we launched back in January, when we introduced the world’s first on-demand insurance for freelancers, our customers have consistently asked us for a way to let people know they were insured by Dinghy. We listened and are delighted to announce another world first – a real-time Proof of Policy for freelancer insurance.” – via Dinghy’s blog.

London-based Dinghy, announced the launch of Dinghy Profile, a dedicated page for insureds to create an online profile that features their picture, bio, social accounts, and proof of insurance.



Visible to Google and other search engines, the profile page allows Dinghy customers to show their coverage in detail, providing real-time proof of policy for them and their clients. To help Dinghy customers make their clients and other interested parties aware of their Dinghy Profile, Dinghy has created an “Insured by Dinghy” badge, which can be placed on customers’ website.

“Our customers have repeatedly stated that as more and more employers ask for proof of insurance, they believe showing they are insured will help them significantly increase their own business.”

Also, Dinghy is introducing a referral scheme – each Dinghy Profile page includes a referral link where customers’ friends and peers can buy freelancer insurance to later receive their referral bonus of an Amazon voucher.