Drift is now Avail

Avail Carsharing , a relatively new carsharing service from Allstate that connects outbound travelers who own cars with inbound travelers who need to borrow a car, has announced its rebrand.

Established in 2018 as Drift, the service allows users to borrow local cars (for a max of 7 days) parked at the airport and is currently operating in six cities including Chicago, Dallas and Denver. Also included in the service is insurance by Allstate for up to $1 million in coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance.




One reviewer submitted the following on July 17th: “I have used this service 4 times now at the Denver airport and continue to be impressed by this service. The process is fast and easy, the staff is very friendly and I received a great car every time, for a much lower price than the like rental cars over the same period of time. I hope to see this service in the others cities I travel to in the near future!!!!”

A different reviewer posted the following on November 21st: “Get this notification there now in Phoenix, so thought I would give it a try. Every vehicle that’s available has 150 mile limit per day! If anybody know anything about AZ, you would know it’s a tourist state. From Phoenix to the Grand Canyon and back is well over 150 miles. After adding the extra mileage, you’ll spend more then what you would have spent at Budget/Enterprise. You do better off using Turo.” However, Avail increased the amount of daily mileage according to an App Store update:

Bottom Line: Going beyond insurance.