Duuo is becoming an insurance distributor

As of “the middle of February 2021,” Duuo will no longer be just a brand of The Co-operators, but its own independent entity operating as an insurance distributor. All of the insurance products it offers will continue to be underwritten by The Co-operators and clients will be transferred to Duuo Insurance Services Inc, which will administer their policies.

Wait, buy why? “After a lot of consideration, we decided that as an insurance distributor we would have more freedom to offer the innovative types of insurance our clients want and expect.

We have a bunch of new ideas we’re really excited about, and we look forward to sharing more news with you in the near future!”

Refresher. Founded in 2018, Duuo is a digital insurance brand with a focus on on-demand insurance products: 

Products Notes
Event Insurance  Event liability insurance
Vendor Liability coverage for exhibitors
Short-Term Rental For home and property owners; one night at a time
Rent-my-stuff Protection for belongings in the event of theft, loss, or accidental damage
Gig Daily liability insurance product currently offered through HeyBryan, FixIt, Butler, and Jiffy
Tenant Starting at $12/month

Get a feel for its CX below.