Duuo releases two on-demand insurance products

Slice Labs Inc. (Slice), the first on-demand insurance cloud platform provider, is pleased to announce that Duuo, an on-demand digital insurance brand from The Co-operators Group, has launched on-demand Event and Rent-My-Stuff insurance offerings built on the Slice Insurance Cloud Services (ICS) platform.

“Slice ICS enables Duuo to reimagine Canadian insurance by meeting the emerging expectations of consumers and businesses for flexible, affordable insurance solutions,” said Robin Shufelt, managing director of Duuo. “We are passionate about being a progressive brand that offers convenient, high-quality customer experiences. Our first product has been very well-received across Canada, and we expect these two offerings to further fuel our expansion into other sharing and gig economy segments.”

Introduced less than a year after Duuo launched on-demand homeshare host insurance as its first sharing economy product, Duuo on-demand Event Insurance provides coverage to protect event hosts which can be purchased in minutes, starts as low as $6/event, and provides $5M in event liability (bodily injury and property damage) with optional liquor liability coverage for non-sporting events. Additionally, Duuo on-demand Rent-my-Stuff Insurance removes the risk of renting out personal belongings on peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms, and makes these transactions easier by eliminating reliance on the renter to secure insurance.

Since launching Duuo, The Co-operators Group has been regularly approached by P2P platforms eager to provide on-demand products to increase the security and credibility of insurance offerings. With Slice ICS, Duuo is able to quickly create new on-demand insurance products that fill the gaps of legacy insurance models positioning partners for more sustainable growth.

“The continued expansion of the sharing economy in Canada and around the world has made on-demand technologies, like ICS, a key asset for transforming customer experiences in new and well-established peer-to-peer markets,” said Tim Attia, CEO of Slice Labs. “Old world insurance models are increasingly proving ineffective in meeting the needs of this new economic model. Duuo is a pioneer in Canada in reinventing insurance and we look forward to future on-demand insurance products that they invent on ICS.”