Edmit & NFP provide access to college planning

EdTech startup  Edmit has partnered with insurance broker and consultant NFP to provide NFP clients with special access to Edmit’s online tools and human advisors, in order to help families select the school with the greatest ROI for their college-bound students.

Established in 2017 by former university administrators to create true price and value transparency for college-bound students, Edmit aims to help these students and their families better evaluate their options and make well-informed decisions about their college investment. Its proprietary software calculates tuition estimates that are personalized to the student, and offers a financial fit score that takes into account a college’s affordability, value, and post-graduation earnings.

“College costs contribute a large share of the financial stress burdening today’s workforce and their families. At the heart of what we do when considering innovative partnerships is to help improve the lives of individuals mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. We partnered with Edmit to offer a much needed employee benefit – supporting families in making smarter college financial choices that nurture their overall financial well-being.” – NFP’s Head of Innovation Mark Rieder.

Special access to Edmit Plus is now available to NFP brokers representing over 50,000 corporate clients across the country. The tool is a great complement to student loan repayment benefits, such as Peanut Butter, covering a wider employee population with higher education financial wellness benefits.

“Edmit is thrilled to work with NFP to offer special pricing to thousands of their clients’ employees nationwide. There is a great need among families for tools and guidance in assisting their college-bound children and grandchildren in making the best higher education choices possible. Their ultimate goal is to pursue the best value return throughout their child or grandchild’s college years and well into their future in the workforce. By making Edmit’s offering easily available, NFP will help employers meet an unmet need of a wide base of employees.” – Nick Ducoff, CEO of Edmit.

Edmit worked with NFP to conduct focus groups in locations across the country including Austin, New Orleans, and other cities across the Mid-Atlantic. Members of the focus groups highlighted having access to Edmit as a competitive advantage for employers, given the student debt crisis facing today’s workforce. They also discussed the benefit of Edmit’s college money management tools as a way to address a desperate need in today’s society: the prevention of over-borrowing as opposed to student loan remediation.

A full breakdown of what Edmit offers NFP’s clients:

  • Personalized Advice: Decision support tools and a human touch to help navigate this major emotional financial decision
  • Learning Center: Extensive guides, lists, and resources related to paying for college
  • Software: Personalized aid and scholarship estimates, calculators, and college recommendations