Elton John, Leonardo DiCaprio and AXA Strategic Ventures Invested in This Startup

Meet Qloo:


The NYC-based startup, established in 2012, is all about understanding one’s taste for culture and entertainment using machine learning. It aims to predict what one likes across different domains – be it movies, music, travel, and dining; to name a few. Developers can access its API to offer personalized suggestions on what one should watch, read or eat; hopefully at a lower customer acquisition cost. Since its inception in 2012, Qloo has raised $14M in 4 rounds of funding – its most recent Series B round took place this past summer and was led by AXA Strategic Ventures, with participation from Elton John. Oh, and Leonardo DiCaprio is also a backer. Example: according to Qloo, if one enjoyed Breaking Bad, there’s a chance he/she will also enjoy Game of Thrones.


Bottom Line: a cross-domain approach to data that matters under the theme of ‘personalization’. Play here.