Embedded Insurance: Zippy Partners with Assurant

Zippy has partnered with Assurant, establishing Assurant as its preferred insurance provider on Zippy’s platform. This partnership marks a collaboration in the insurance and housing finance sector.

Founded in 2021, Texas-based Zippy is enhancing the manufactured home loan market with its digital-first approach. The synergy between Zippy’s lending solutions and Assurant’s efficient insurance processes is clearly evident. Assurant’s quote process and integrated systems meet the specific needs of customers who are financing their homes through Zippy’s platform.

In the lending sector, Zippy’s platform stands out by blending advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces, adhering to high banking standards, and providing exceptional customer service. Zippy’s digital lending system ensures quick and efficient loan closures, often within five days.

Through advanced API technology, Assurant’s integration in the Zippy platform simplifies the process for homeowners to access manufactured housing insurance. This integration streamlines the buying experience and offers protection against various risks.

Dina Olsen, Senior Vice President of Manufactured Housing at Assurant, underscores the company’s innovation-driven ethos, viewing this collaboration as a key driver for growth and for helping homeowners protect their investments.

Ben Halliday, CEO & Co-founder of Zippy, praises Assurant’s understanding of Zippy’s vision to enhance the borrowing experience in the manufactured home loan sector.

Assurant, a global provider of risk management products and services, is known for its insurance sector offerings. The company continues to focus on Lifestyle, Housing, and Preneed segments, showcasing its commitment to diverse market needs.

Bottom Line: Assurant’s seventh embedded insurance collaboration documented in this year.