Enter to Win iPad Pro Now That Radian Announced Upgraded App

Philadelphia-based Radian Group, which provides private mortgage insurance, risk management products and real estate services to financial institutions, announced the launch of its new app . “At a ball field, a school event or a neighborhood gathering, mortgage lenders will be able to help prospective homebuyers access the information they need to weigh their home financing options with Radian Guaranty Inc.’s Radian Rates mobile application.”



The upgraded app provides lenders with a quick and simple way to determine the mortgage insurance (MI) premium rate for one or more products, while also allowing them to:

  • Save time by creating custom presets
  • Build and save unlimited custom quotes and retrieve them anytime across the app, web and MI Online via unique Quote ID
  • Easily access mortgage and loan amount calculators
  • Email rate quotes directly from the app
  • Compare products to quickly find the best solution for borrowers (all Radian products, Borrower-Paid MI vs. Lender-Paid MI, MI vs. FHA)


“The new Radian Rates App is a game changer for lenders looking to access rates and other information across the complete range of Radian offerings. The updated app reinforces our commitment to making it easy to do business with us by providing detailed information at the user’s fingertips and allowing them to send it immediately to the borrower” – chief franchise officer at Radian, Brien McMahon.


This is Brien:



Last, through Radian’s Achieve the Dream website, homebuyers have access to information about finding the right home, decoding real estate jargon, financing options, rent vs. buy comparisons and a variety of payment calculators. Bottom Line: a microsite you didn’t know existed.