Etiqa launches affiliate portal

Etiqa Insurance Singapore has launched its first affiliate portal with the “widest range of insurance APIs in the local market to date.” The Etiqa API Portal provides standard API services, such as quotation, policy creation and enforcement and payment, enabling partners across industries to integrate insurance services and solutions into their online platforms. Currently, APIs for insurance savings, travel, maid, car, home and personal accident insurance are available through the portal.

The digital insurer also provides a Referral Catalogue for marketing affiliates with limited coding knowledge. Interested parties such as bloggers or influencers can retrieve unique referral links for Etiqa’s full range of online products, including life products, to share on their preferred social channels.

“Similar to banks, we want to make insurance invisible by integrating it with the daily lives of modern day consumers. With our APIs, our partners can embed insurance solutions on their platform as and when they need to.” – Dennis Liu, Head of Business Transformation and Technology, Etiqa Insurance Singapore.