Euler Hermes launches Trade Match web app

Euler Hermes, the global leader in trade credit insurance, has launched Trade Match, a web app that identifies export business opportunities in 70 countries and over 17 sectors, as well as the level of risk of the corresponding country based on a proprietary rating.

“Thanks to this new application, everyone can view the most dynamic and least risky destinations in a few clicks. Very easy to use and updated quarterly, the application allows business leaders to benefit from two million data relating to world trade and from the forecasts of the economic research team of the Euler Hermes group, forecasts which are from its proprietary data.”

The news follows the launch of Mind Your Receivables, also developed by Toucan Toco, that follows the evolution of corporate bankruptcies around the world.

“With our partner Toucan Toco, we wanted to make Trade Match a control tower of world trade for our customers but also for journalists, students and all trade players of foreign trade. The trade war is not inevitable. You just have to know where you set foot when you export.” – Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist of the Allianz Group and Euler Hermes Group.

“We are very proud to contribute to democratizing the data of world trade with Euler Hermes. Their requirements, their unique datasets, as well as their desire for making data story telling available to all echo the very reason why we founded Toucan Toco.” – Baptiste Jourdan, VP Europe and co-founder of Toucan Toco.

Bottom Line: Euler Hermes’ economic research is accelerating its strategy of providing data and content so that a larger number of companies are informed about customer risk, especially when exporting.