EverQuote is getting closer to Assurance IQ

In November 2019, we covered the story of EverQuote launching Sage, an “in-house sales agency” that promises licensed life insurance agents free leads via “nearly unlimited inbound calls from in-market consumers seeking life insurance policies.” The new unit operates in a similar way to Assurance IQ with two main differences – EverQuote agents were offered a base pay of $30k plus commissions while Assurance IQ agents rely solely on commissions, and EverQuote agents were required to work from the company’s main office in Cambridge, MA, while Assurance IQ agents work remotely.

Now, however, EverQuote is getting closer to Assurance IQ, operationally and literally. The company is looking for a recruiter to help build out an “entirely new part” of the business and an “entirely new office,” which appears to be in Seattle, WA – very close to the office of Assurance IQ. The recruiter will build out a newly developed sales function from 12 to 250 hires by the years end.

Operationally, EverQuote is now hiring remote life insurance agents similar to Assurance IQ who will sell life insurance over the phone. Agents are required to be licensed in 5+ states, with at least two being from the following states: California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, or North Carolina. Just like with Assurance IQ, agents looking to work with EverQuote will need a high-speed internet connection and a reliable computer, an up-to-date National Producer Number, a headset with microphone, and a quiet working space and equipment that comply with HIPAA privacy and security standards. And unlike other EverQuote job postings, this one is missing details about compensation, while the original job posting for the new initiative with the $30k base pay is no longer accepting applications.

On a separate note, EverQuote enjoys a range of insurance partners including SelectQuote, State Farm, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual and Health IQ. The latter enjoyed 50% less website traffic in April 2020 compared to last year, according to Coverager Research.