Everspan partners with TheGuarantors

Everspan Group partnered with TheGuarantors. .

The specialty program P&C insurer will support TheGuarantors’ flagship Lease Guarantee and Security Deposit Replacement products. Everspan policies will be offered nationally on an admitted basis through TheGuarantors’ established network of real estate partners.

“We are proud to partner with TheGuarantors, a leading fintech firm whose products and platform are reshaping the real estate space. At Everspan, we believe insurance should be a force for good. TheGuarantors shares that value and puts it into practice through its innovative Lease Guarantee and Security Deposit Replacement products. We are excited to provide support to this exceptional team.” – Steve Dresner, chief underwriting officer of Everspan Group.

“Everspan is a trusted name in insurance and we are thrilled to add them to our roster of A-rated carriers. Their risk capacity and operational excellence enable us to continue innovating and support our vision of providing best-in-class products to our renters and real estate partners.” – Julien Bonneville, CEO, and founder of TheGuarantors.