Farmers launches new CrashAssist feature within the Signal app

Farmers announced the launch of CrashAssist, a new feature included within the Signal app that helps connect drivers with emergency services in the event of an accident and offers help in reporting a claim, if desired. The crash detection feature will be available via app update to all Signal customers by mid-March.

“We are committed to finding innovative ways to help people be safer on the roads. Signal was created to encourage drivers to practice focused behaviors, like avoiding phone use and not speeding in an effort to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Adding crash detection to the app’s capabilities helps us take the safety features a step further by recognizing a possible crash and connecting drivers to the help they need.” – Carolyn Wald, head of innovation and integration for Farmers.

Using the same phone sensors already in use by the Signal app, CrashAssist will deliver a push notification if a crash is detected. Customers will be prompted to confirm whether or not a crash occurred and if they are in need of emergency services. Drivers can also access additional support services including tips to document the crash, share their location, request roadside assistance or report a claim.

In the event a crash is detected, and the customer does not respond to the push notification within one minute, two phone calls will be triggered. If the customer does not answer either phone call, emergency services will be dispatched to their location. All Signal users will be automatically opted into CrashAssist; however, they have the ability to opt out within the app at any time.

The Signal app offers a number of other features to help drivers recognize behaviors that may be taking their attention off the road. The app assigns customers a score based on key factors including hard braking, excessive speed, mileage and time of day, and provides opportunities to earn a discount for focused driving.