FilingMate Voted “Shark Tank” Champion at Insurance Nexus Event


Chicago, IL – Insurance Nexus, a platform bringing together insurance executives, insights, and research, held an event last week focused on the future of insurance technology.  As part of the event, the conference brought together four leading insurance-focused venture capitalists and three insurtech startups in a “Shark Tank” style session, allowing startup executives to pitch the sharks and the conference attendee audience of insurance executives.

FilingMate, a recently-launched compliance platform allowing insurance companies to find, complete, and file forms with various insurance regulators wowed audiences with a pitch and responses to pointed shark and audience questions.  “We realize that not everyone is immediately excited to talk about the intersection of insurance and government regulation, so it’s important to capture the audience’s attention in any presentation,” said FilingMate co-founder Scott Soderstrom.  “This event allowed us not only to share our vision for the future of insurance regulation but get immediate and candid feedback from a great panel of VC investors.”

After a series of startup pitches, the audience had the opportunity to vote on which was most likely to impact the insurance industry.  Overwhelmingly, the audience selected FilingMate the winner.  “It’s incredibly rewarding to be judged the winning startup by an audience of insurance industry professionals,” noted Maureen Fidler, the other FilingMate cofounder.  “I’m incredibly proud of the work the whole team did to get us to this position and really excited about the direction FilingMate is headed!”


About FilingMate

FilingMate is an insurtech company founded to provide insurance companies with a platform for finding, completing and submitting regulatory filings. The founders of FilingMate have a combined 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, working in property and casualty (P&C), life, and accident and health (A&H) companies. As compliance, legal, finance, and underwriting professionals, the founders have worked closely with nearly every regulator in the United States.

For more information about FilingMate, please contact cofounder Scott Soderstrom at

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