Five Sigma Launches New Embedded Reporting and Dashboards

Five Sigma, an emerging leader in cloud-native insurance claims management solutions (CMS), today announced the launch of a new reporting and dashboards module, making claims data more intelligent and powerful and allowing insurers to optimize their claims operations.

“The ability to access and use your claims data has always been at the heart of our claims management solution,” said Oded Barak, Five Sigma co-founder and CEO. ”With our enhanced reporting and dashboards, claims leaders get complete visibility into operational KPIs and financial trends, to make the best strategic decisions for their organization and drive business outcomes.”

Five Sigma’s new reporting and dashboards come with these features:

(1) Embedded reporting – All reports are embedded in the claims management system (CMS), so you no longer need to access a third-party system or external Excel files.

(2) Data visualization – Operational and financial dashboards let you recognize relationships and patterns, helping you transform your claims data into meaningful information to move your business forward.

(3) Data is exportable – All reports are exportable as Excel, CSV, or PDF files so you can use the data to do further analysis or upload to other systems.

To learn more about Five Sigma’s claims management solution, please visit Five Sigma’s booth #3439 at ITC Vegas or go to

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