Five Sigma Propels Claims Management into the Future with AI Assist Collaboration with Google Cloud and Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace

ROCKY HILL, CT – December 6, 2023 – Five Sigma, a trailblazer in modernizing claims management, proudly announces a collaboration with Google Cloud to infuse advanced Native AI capabilities into its Claims Management System. The new AI functionality named “AI Assist” introduces embedded AI capabilities across document management, voice AI, and SMS dashboards, reshaping the landscape of claims processing.

In addition, Five Sigma’s AI Assist is also available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, enabling insurers to quickly deploy next-generation claims management and insights and make the most of Google Cloud’s latest generative AI capabilities. 

Document Management: AI Assist’s Smart Automation

AI Assist helps improve document management by automatically examining, classifying, and summarizing incoming documents. This seamless automation ensures proactive notifications based on document content, preventing costly mistakes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Voice AI: Insightful Analysis of Voice Communications

Leveraging an integrated omnichannel phone suite, AI Assist provides actionable analysis and context for all voice communications within Five Sigma’s claims management system. This includes insights into urgency, sentiment, summaries, and transcriptions, ensuring timely responses and prioritization of voicemails.

SMS Dashboard: AI-Powered Insights into Text Messaging

Recognizing the growing importance of text messaging, AI Assist powers a unique dashboard offering insights into text messages received by organizations. This transparency enables a clear understanding of how organizations effectively utilize text messaging, going beyond basic data processing to aid in analyzing incoming information.

“Five Sigma’s AI Assist, using  Google Cloud’s AI capabilities, marks a significant leap forward in claims management,” says Michael Krikheli, CTO and co-founder of Five Sigma. “This Native AI functionality enhances our commitment to providing our clients with state-of-the-art tools that elevate their efficiency and decision-making.”

AI Assist’s capabilities were unveiled at ITC Vegas 2023 on November 1st, 2023, showcasing the seamless integration and advanced features. Now, Five Sigma is making AI Assist available for adoption through the ‘click-to-deploy’ option on Google Cloud Marketplace.

“Digital transformation requires technology that helps businesses solve complex challenges unique to their business and industry,” said Nigel Walsh, Managing Director – Insurance, Financial Services at Google Cloud. “By utilizing Google Cloud’s leading AI technologies, Five Sigma will provide new tools that improve customer experiences and move the claims management industry forward.”

About Five Sigma

Five Sigma is a cloud-native, vertical SaaS claims management solution designed specifically for property & casualty insurance companies to revolutionize claims handling and create high-performing claims organizations. Our data-driven platform leverages advanced data modeling and Native AI to drive operational efficiency and business excellence. Five Sigma’s end-to-end solution optimizes claims processing with intelligent automation, provides data-driven recommendations to enhance adjuster decision-making, and delivers valuable insights to inform business strategies. Five Sigma enables insurance carriers and MGAs to maximize their potential, create high-performing claims organizations, reduce loss costs, maintain compliance, and provide exceptional customer experience. For more information, visit:


Sharyn Vross

Director of Marketing

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