Fize Technology Joins HawkSoft’s API Partner program

Partnership will streamline the collection of prior insurance coverage information across Personal Lines and Commercial Auto

HawkSoft welcomes Fize Technology as the newest API Partner integrated with its insurance platform. Fize provides enables agencies to capture prior or existing coverage information efficiently and securely from prospective clients. The painful process of gathering prior coverage and excavating a client’s history over numerous phone calls or interviews is simplified into a smooth integrated process that can be completed in a single workflow done in minutes. Fize has developed two-way API integration with HawkSoft’s agency management system that goes live today.

Fize’s technology is aimed at streamlining how independent agencies access the full scope of information they need to function as trusted advisors. Through a secure Fize portal, insureds and prospects can permit Fize to capture insurance information from their insurance carrier. This information is delivered back to the agency via Fize’s web portal and email. With the release of API integration to HawkSoft, agencies that use the HawkSoft Insurance Platform can also receive PDF copies of coverage information automatically attached to the client’s record. For prospects new to the agency, Fize implemented a proprietary HawkSoft file format that allows agents to import a new record with policy data in a few clicks.

“Fize empowers insurance professionals with the fastest way to securely access and use their prospects’ insurance policy data. The agencies who utilize Fize have reduced quote time by half and are closing more business,” says Divyansh Dutt, CEO of Fize. “Insurance Professionals have said to serve the customer better price is not the only data point that should be considered. The data Fize unlocks enables the professionals to offer curated insurance offerings, it is a win-win for both prospects and agents. I am very excited to partner with HawkSoft to co-innovate this one-of-a-kind industry solution to deliver delight across the insurance buying journey.”

“Insurance professionals tell us that they are often perceived as interrogators when working with clients because of the need to ask many questions to discover their clients’ existing insurance coverages,” says Rushang Shah, CMO at HawkSoft. “Agents know that the data they need is largely available within carrier systems.” He continues, “Fize answers this need by automating the discovery and capture of this information, and they have done so through collaboration with agents that use their services in the field.”

HawkSoft and Fize are collaborating on a special project to evaluate the impact of technology like Fize on independent agencies. In addition to announcing two-way API integration, the companies will provide a limited number of Fize subscriptions to HawkSoft agencies at no additional cost for a limited time. For more details click here:  

About HawkSoft
Since 1995, HawkSoft is a leader in management systems for independent insurance agencies that want effective workflows and a delightful experience for staff and policyholders. Created by independent agents, HawkSoft continues to evolve as a cutting-edge system that powers thousands of agencies. HawkSoft’s promise to insurance agents is: your investment in HawkSoft will pay for itself in the first year. Learn more about HawkSoft at

About Fize
Fize is an innovative platform that provides instant access to the entirety of a consumer’s insurance carrier-verified policy data – Instant Access to complete insurance data. Carriers utilize Fize to reduce adverse selection, fraud and offer hyper personalized multi policy quotes. Agents, Brokers utilize the platform to cut quoting time by half, close more business while offering curated insurance products the customer needs. Learn more about how Fize enables this interoperability of Insurance data across the insurance ecosystem at 

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