Flume Participates in American Modern Water Sensor Pilot Program

Flume, a provider of intelligent leak detection and water conservation for the Smart Home, is participating as one of the device providers in a water sensor pilot program sponsored by American Modern Insurance Group, which is a specialty lines insurance provider through its licensed subsidiary insurance companies that provide products for residential properties, among other insurance products.



American Modern is offering Flume’s Leak Detection and Water Conservation product to some of its participating policyholders in Alabama, Colorado and Ohio as part of its pilot program to help prevent or mitigate water damage claims.


“Flume looks forward to working with American Modern Insurance and their customers to solve one of the biggest concerns for homeowners; protecting their homes from water damage” – VP of Business Development, Flume, Joe Fazio.


The Flume sensor is an easy to install, patent-pending, IoT system that monitors water usage on an entire property (including irrigation), intelligently detects leaks and enables the homeowner to effectively manage their water consumption and bill.


Existing American Modern policyholders in Alabama, Colorado and Ohio can go to http://www.amrefinery.com/water/ to sign-up and see if they are eligible to participate in the program. The pilot program will run until March 31, 2019; at the conclusion of the program, users will participate in a survey to give feedback on their experiences.