Game-changing API DQPro Connect launched

Market-leading data specialists DQPro introduce a powerful, flexible API for the global re/insurance sector: DQPro Connect.

DQPro Connect is an API that allows customers to integrate DQPro’s market-leading data monitoring capabilities with compatible third party systems, at any stage of the placing process, including comprehensive data checks at the pre-bind stage.

Built for the flexible digital market, DQPro Connect allows carriers to deploy DQPro’s proprietary market data checks on demand and in real-time, from a variety of systems such as e-placing platforms, underwriting workbenches, policy systems and/or other common applications.

Users can save time by reducing the need to switch between applications, and can instead access DQPro directly to provide the integrated validation of risk data carriers, MGA’s and brokers require.

Benefits include more accurate underwriting data at source, reduced back office cost, and more profitable underwriting, with an enhanced ability to catch data errors before they impact the bottom line.

DQPro Co-founder and CEO Nick Mair said:

“The ability to call and run DQPro as an on-demand service, directly from third party systems, is an exciting step on our roadmap and delivers significant value to end users.  As the market finally moves towards data standards and a truly digital ecosystem, customers want flexibility in how and where they integrate their data services.”

The DQPro Connect API will be provided to all licensed DQPro customers and initial integrations are already underway.

DQPro Connect allows carriers to run and embed both the evolving DQPro Market standard ruleset and their own data rules from e-placing systems, underwriting workbenches, policy systems and other apps and data stores.

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