Generali Greece & dacadoo partner to offer wellness solution

dacadoo, the Swiss digital health engagement platform, and Generali Greece announced a partnership to promote health and wellness in Greece.


As part of the partnership, dacadoo will offer Generali policyholders useful information and tips, helping them adopt and or maintain a healthier lifestyle while encouraging them to actively manage their health and wellbeing.

Founded in 2010, dacadoo scientifically calculates one’s health score with a range from 1 (low) to 1,000 (high), based on body type, feelings and lifestyle. dacadoo’s platform, which is offered as a white-label to life and health insurers, can connect with third-party apps and fitness tracking devices, such as weighing scales, blood pressure monitors and heart rate bands.

“Through the use of telematics and digital solutions the insurance industry now has at its disposal a unique tool that enables it to achieve its ultimate mission, which is none other than to help its customers live safer, healthier lives.” – CEO of Generali Hellas, Panos Dimitriou.

“With the widespread use of wearables and digital apps linked to health and wellbeing, users now have access to important data, related to their daily lives that directly affect their health. Of even greater importance, is the actual interpretation of this data, so that it can be utilized in a simple way to improve people’s daily lives.” – Founder and CEO of dacadoo, Peter Ohnemus.