Getaround Acquires Drivy

Getaround, the California-based car sharing company, announced the $300m acquisition of Drivy, “the largest and fastest-growing carsharing platform in Europe.”

Founded in 2010 with ~$43m in funding, Paris-based Drivy has built a community of 2.5m users across Europe. With this latest acquisition, Getaround is now “the world’s leading carsharing marketplace,” available in 300 cities in the US and Europe with more than 5m users.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with the Drivy team as we move closer to our vision of creating a world where all cars are connected and shared. As the leading European carsharing marketplace, Drivy has built a strong business with products, teams, and values that closely align with ours at Getaround, making for a natural integration for our employees and users. Consumers all over the world are embracing the ease, flexibility and freedom that connected carsharing offers. Getaround is delivering on growing consumer demand by providing a consistent, instant and safe carsharing experience in 140 U.S. cities – and now, across the 170 cities in Europe that Drivy has developed.” – Founder and CEO of Getaround, Sam Zaid.

“Thanks to the remarkable work of our team, Drivy has become the largest carsharing platform in Europe. Carsharing will replace car ownership in large urban markets, meeting consumer demands for instant and flexible transportation options, while also making cities more liveable by freeing them from idle cars and reducing congestion and pollution in the process. Connected technology, frictionless user experience, and increased car fleet density are the keys to this evolution, as they make it more convenient to use a shared car than your own. Getaround is an ideal partner for us because our companies are aligned in so many ways while being complementary on key aspects of our business, like geography or fleet acquisition. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.” – Founder & CEO of Drivy, Paulin Dementhon.

Bottom Line: Insurance included.