GloveBox Releases “V2” of App Development

After months of development, GloveBox is proud to announce its latest version of the independent agent mobile and web platform (labeled “V2”) is now available. Highlighting this release are brand new direct to carrier self-service features providing an unparalleled customer experience. GloveBox also bolsters its agency interface with a new service request chatbot and direct communication “click to text” capabilities.

The release of V2 includes a full experience of all personal lines carriers for the policyholder based on two central development strategies; Direct API or an embedded service portal. This update now allows a policyholder to add any personal lines carriers to their home tab and quickly connect. Having the newly organized interface provides users the most intuitive policy management app of its kind. Additional carrier updates now allow users the ability to pay a bill, start a claim, and roadside capabilities direct to their carriers. These features, alongside the unprecedented GloveBox automation of policy number display, creates a frictionless carrier account registration process. From an agency standpoint, users can now take advantage of an upgraded service request chatbot to submit any policy updates (add a vehicle, change a driver, etc.). This personal touch provides policyholders a seamless and simple service request experience that is traditionally cumbersome and frustrating.

“V2” is delivered to the market just months after the licensed product officially became available to independent agencies in March. With the added functionality and future evolution objectives, GloveBox establishes itself as the premier mobile and web platform for agencies and their clients to utilize for client experience that is custom tailored for the independent channel.

“As digital self-service becomes a policyholder expectation within the independent channel, so does the digital experience as a whole. We feel that GloveBox provides the best tool to improve efficiency in agency operations and maximize the self-service option for clients. The only way to create a technology that makes sense for the channel is to offer an experience to policyholders that combines direct access to their writing carriers and their agent, all in a single app.” said Ryan Mathisen, GloveBox CEO. “V2 will continue to help fill a massive customer experience technology void in the channel and create a standard that will ultimately be the foundation of client experience.”

GloveBox will now move on to its next big development checkpoint which will feature the addition of life and health, and an exclusive commercial pilot that is slated to launch late Q4 of 2020.

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