“Google, let me talk to Progressive”

Progressive is now offering money-saving tips related to one’s home and car to Google Home customers, becoming the first insurer on Google’s voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Think: a Google Home assistant customer says “Google, let me talk to Progressive” to later get great answers to a wide range of questions on topics from car buying and insurance, to home buying, moving, curb appeal, and smart home technologies. “When we realized the popularity of voice-activated assistants like Google Home, we wanted to work with Google to be helpful. We’ve got some nice content to start, but we’ll also monitor the types of questions Google Home customers ask us and make adjustments as needed” – said Dan Witalec, Customer Acquisition Leader, Progressive. Bottom Line: an insurer targeting those into home automation. And not the only insurer to do so. Recall: Liberty Mutual, Aviva and Grange Mutual, all have launched skills on Amazon’s Alexa.