Greenlight Re Innovations invests in Redkik

Greenlight Re Innovations, part of Greenlight Capital Re, announced an investment in Redkik, a cargo insurance administration and analytics platform.

Founded in 2020 with offices in the U.S., Finland, and Germany, Redkik works with brokers and underwriters to offer an embedded per shipment coverage solution. Transport intermediaries can implement Redkik’s API to offer freight forwarders “appropriately priced” per-shipment cargo insurance.

“Some time ago, we identified cargo insurance as an ideal candidate for a more granular and data-driven approach to underwriting and pricing, that’s more responsive to the needs of small and large enterprises alike. Redkik’s product perfectly matches our vision for the future of cargo insurance and we’re excited to play a role in their development.” – Simon Burton, CEO at Greenlight Re.

“For years, there has been a disconnect in the market between customer needs and insurance products. The dynamic nature of the logistics process forces the insurance industry to adapt to meet the changing demands. Redkik offers a transactional, on-demand solution tailored for the unique and evolving needs of the global logistics sector, which solves this industry-wide problem and adds direct value for the customer. Working with Greenlight Re has been instrumental in accelerating our journey to transform the industry.” – Chris Kalinski, founder and CEO at Redkik