Hagerty launches Digital Labs

Hagerty has launched Digital Labs, a strategic initiative that allows the company to “quickly pivot to new products and adopt new business models while fostering a mindset of innovation.”

The new unit was created to design, build and scale automative experiences. Some of the first products launched by Digital Labs is a mileage verification app and a valuation tool.

“As a growth company focusing on many dimensions of the automotive world, innovation and digital product thinking are critical for our future. Digital labs will allow us to innovate faster, attract more talented team members and do more for our members and partners.” – Hagerty CEO McKeel Hagerty.

“Hagerty Digital Labs is about business acceleration. We are developing a one-stop shop focused on creating value from innovative ideas in the shortest possible time. We are car lovers and innovators who are intent on advancing the industry through revolutionary technology.” – Kelly Smith, chief strategy officer of Hagerty.