Haven Servicing raises $8 million

FL-based title insurance agency Fidelity National Financial is backing Haven Servicing , a Brooklyn-based homeownership platform that unlocks value for mortgage companies.

Founded in 2020, Haven recently secured an $8 million Series A round, bringing its total funding to $13.5 million .

Haven claims to elevate mortgage servicers from back office payment processors by enabling them to deliver ongoing value to homeowners. By advising on and providing access to additional products such as insurance, solar upgrades, and HELOCs, mortgage servicers can help homeowners meet their financial goals while gaining access to new revenue streams that are increasingly important as mortgage origination volumes drop to 25-year lows.

Haven’s technology can be white-labeled and can give homeowners a single destination to save money, better understand equity, and make strides toward realizing long-term financial goals.

“At Haven we believe that an educated homeowner is a confident and valuable one. However, while lenders, servicers, realtors, and home services vendors all interact with homeowners today, none have built a great relationship or add tangible, accessible value. Education is critical to building personal credit, surfacing what options are available, and understanding how to best take advantage of them. We’re aiming to take a similar approach at Haven by helping servicer partners understand what to include in their portfolio of services, how those services benefit homeowners, and how to best reach those homeowners with the services they actually need, at costs that save them real money.” – Haven CEO, Jonathan Chao.

Bottom Line: 41% of insurer-investors have a fintech company as part of their portfolio, according to Coverager Data.