HELIXintel announces Series A funding round

HELIXintel has closed “a successful and competitive” Series A funding round led by National Grid Partners, the corporate venture and innovation arm of National Grid, with participation from Munich Re Ventures, Stellifi, Motivate Ventures and others. According to Crunchbase data, the startup raised $16.9 million in a round of funding last week.

Founded in 2020, HELIXintel allows businesses of any size or industry to organize, track, and maintain their equipment, parts, supplies, and tasks in one central location. When something needs to be fixed (lighting, vehicle, HVAC), or if parts are needed, HELIXintel connects the company with the right party that can handle the job.

Ahead of its Series A funding round, HELIXintel unveiled HELIXintel Savings Scout, a feature designed to assist businesses in identifying and applying for various forms of free funding, including rebates, grants, and tax credits, for operational and capital improvements.

Last year, HSB announced a partnership with HELIXintel. Since the inception of the partnership, HELIXintel has “rapidly expanded its presence across the nation,” delivering insurance technology solutions to “prestigious” clients such as the New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal and its 345 public K-12 Member Districts and BOCES.

“This new capital and National Grid’s network help us expand our product offerings and reach. We recognize that every stakeholder benefits when equipment breakdown is accurately predicted and prevented. We are poised to empower proactive maintenance and equipment upgrades that enhance efficiency, minimize downtime, and bring cost savings to both our valued customers and insurance companies.” – Jon DeWald , CEO of HELIXintel.

“HELIXintel’s integration of vital equipment data onto a single platform, empowers property owners, contractors, OEMs, insurers, and energy companies with excellent transparency and value. Aligned with our investment focus on tools enabling preventative maintenance to mitigate equipment breakdowns, HELIXintel has consistently impressed us with their strong growth and progress since the Seed round. We eagerly anticipate the company’s ongoing advancements.” – Timur Davis , director at Munich Re Ventures.