Hippo Partners With Zesty.ai on Aerial Image Analytics

California-based Hippo announced a multi-year partnership with ZestyAI , an AI enabled risk analytics platform for P&C insurance. As part of the partnership, Hippo will integrate zesty.ai’s computer vision technology and property attributes into its data-driven underwriting processes, further enhancing its customer’s on-boarding and claims experience.



“At the heart of everything we do, from partnerships to new products is the customer experience. The integration of zesty.ai’s AI technology and data will bring our customers real-time insights on their properties, which expedites the application process upfront and helps us identify potential issues on their properties in the future – like brush encroaching on their property fireline, or necessary roof repairs. We’re reshaping home insurance into a proactive product by alerting our clients to property issues before they become accidents and we’re proud to have partnered with zesty.ai who feels the same way.” – Cofounder and CEO of Hippo, Assaf Wand.


“We are excited to join forces with Hippo to help pioneer the digital transformation of the trillion dollar property insurance industry,” stated Attila Toth, Co-Founder & CEO of zesty.ai. “Through this partnership, millions of homeowners across America will enjoy more transparency and rapid savings when shopping for insurance and maintaining their homes.” – Cofounder and CEO of zesty.ai, Attila Toth.