Hiscox Launches CyberClear Academy

Hiscox finally announced the launch of its CyberClear Academy, an online interactive suite of cyber training content, made up of nine learning modules. The platform features diagnostic assessments to test existing knowledge and ensure that training is tailored to specific knowledge gaps. There is a mixture of videos and interactive material, as well as refresher modules to help keep cyber security front of mind.


“Like many other risks, cyber is indiscriminate – it affects businesses of all shapes and sizes. If a business experiences a cyber-attack or breach, there will be many implications – lost revenue as a result of business interruption, the cost of remedial action, as well as the repetitional impact – and a big business will have the firepower to recover far quicker than a small business” – Hiscox Cyber CEO, Gareth Wharton.


Refresher: Hiscox began writing cyber insurance in the late 1990’s and now sells cyber-specific products direct to consumers through its retail businesses in the UK, and via brokers and carriers through its UK, European, US, London Market and reinsurance operations to organizations of all sizes – from entrepreneurs to multi-nationals.


Bottom Line: reported first on Coverager on Jan. 2, 2018.


PS. On the subject of ‘cyber’, AXIS launched the AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence to offer products and services to help companies mitigate cyber risks associated with their tangible and intangible assets. “The AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence is the specialty insurance industry’s premier global resource for mentorship, education, consulting services and solutions to help improve brokers’ and insureds’ understanding of the cyber risk environment so they can effectively manage the totality of their cyber risks. Housing our global cyber products and solutions, the AXIS Cyber Center of Excellence will leverage the AXIS Cyber team’s underwriting expertise to help clients more effectively manage the dynamic environment of their cyber risks” – Global Head of Cyber at AXIS, Dan Trueman.