Home management platform Livlet partners with Hiscox

Livlet , the smart home management platform, is working with Hiscox , to offer a 10% discount on Hiscox home insurance premiums to customers using the platform.

Policyholders are also entitled to a free smart leak detection device, LeakBot, which will work with Livlet to notify and record a leak, or if a user has a property with a high possibility of a future leak.

Founded in 2020, Livlet’s platform offers homeowners the ability to centralize home management documents, invoices, and details all in one place, allowing users to keep track of maintenance and financial history. The platform connects all the details of a home, presenting cost analyses, proactively forecasting maintenance schedules, and providing personalized recommendations on how to enhance the value and environmental credentials of a home. Multi-property support on the platform is due to launch in autumn 2022, and a mobile app is currently under development.

The partnership recognizes the value of effective home management, with the 10% discount available to Livlet users taking out a new policy. Some of the benefits of Hiscox home insurance include offering customers up to £100,000 to cover renovation works and allowing those with a second home to add it to their existing policy.