How AXIS Breaks Down Boundaries

AXIS Capital announced it has launched a refreshed brand, logo and website. “The new visual identity is dynamic and forward-looking, and reflects the steps AXIS is taking to be a future-ready company.”




“Our new visual identity builds on our storied history and strengths, but breaks out to reflect AXIS’ bold actions and future. It represents the transformation underway at AXIS and the specific actions we’re taking to unlock our potential.” –  AXIS’ CEO and President Albert Benchimol.

“Our refreshed logo and branding are designed to help communicate that we’re breaking down boundaries within AXIS and in the industry, and we’re embracing change as our company and our industry evolve. They help convey we’re a company focused on applying a forward-looking, innovative and agile approach to today’s challenges.” – AXIS’ CMO Michiko Kurahashi.