How to Deliver Intelligent Connected Insurance Experiences: 6 Success Stories


Strong processes are at the heart of innovative and competitive insurance organizations. Making processes more effective can help insurers rapidly modernize and overcome today’s biggest challenges, including:


  • Meeting customer expectations for digital-first engagement. In fact, 41% of consumers say they are “likely” or “more likely” to switch providers due to a lack of digital capabilities.
  • Reducing costs, which is especially crucial given today’s tumultuous market.
  • Maintaining complex legacy systems, workflows, and data silos.
  • Staying ahead of the competition from insurtechs and tech giants.
  • Keeping up with changing regulations, heightened risk exposures, and the speed required to deliver results.


Effective processes enable insurers to deliver stellar customer experiences, even while dealing with tighter budgets, talent shortages, and an evolving regulatory landscape. That’s where end-to-end process automation platforms can help.


According to the analysts at Celent, automation is transforming the insurance industry:


“Like ERP in the 90s, the Internet in the 2000s, and the cloud in the 2010s, automation is the new game changer. We are only at the beginning of the digital evolution, and it has the makings for a long and wild ride. Automation is the fuel that will power the next transformational decade.”


Appian works with an organization’s existing infrastructure to rapidly unify systems, improve workflows, connect data across the enterprise, and deliver personalized, digital-first customer experiences. 


Read the ebook to see how six leading insurance organizations are using Appian to: 

  • Transform customer service 
  • Accelerate underwriting 
  • Expedite claims 
  • Improve pension management 
  • And more
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